Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Maybe a Better Course of Action Is to Figure out How the False Accusations Started’

Muller’s investigation

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared before the US House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee panels on Wednesday to testify about his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential election and possible obstruction of justice by Donald Trump. While Democrats tried to press Mueller and get him say that President Trump obstructed justice, Republicans tried to get more answers about the origins of the probe.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan asked Mueller about his “selective prosecution methods” when questioning him about the origins of the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference, reported The Epoch Times.

Mueller did not find enough evidence that President Trump or his campaign officials colluded with Russians, yet since the release of Mueller’s reports Democrats have kept investigating Trump and his associates. “The president was falsely accused of conspiracy. The FBI does a 10-month investigation and James Comey, when we deposed him a year ago, told us at that point they had nothing,” Jordan said. 

“You do a 22-month investigation, at the end of that 22 months you find no conspiracy, and what’s the Democrats want to do? They want to keep investigating, they want to keep going.”

Rep. Jordan questioned Mueller why he charged Trump campaign officials and “13 Russians no one’s ever heard of,” but did not charge Joseph Misfud. Misfud, a Maltese academic, reportedly lied to the FBI three times. According to Mueller report, he told George Papadopoulos, Trump campaign aide, that Russians had damaging information about then a presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and that allegedly prompted the FBI’s investigation into Trump campaign officials.

“He lied three times, you point it out in the report, why didn’t you charge him with a crime?” Jordan asked.

“I can’t get into internal deliberations with regard to who or who would not be charged,” Mueller replied.

“This is the guy who told Papadopoulos, he’s the guy who starts it all, and when the FBI interviews him, he lies three times, and yet you don’t charge him with a crime,” Jordan said.

He continued, “You charge Rick Gates for false statements, you charge Paul Manafort for false statements, you charge Michael Cohen with false statements, you charge Michael Flynn—a three star general—with false statements, but the guy who puts the country through this whole saga, starts it all—for three years we’ve lived this now—he lies and you guys don’t charge him.”

“And I’m curious as to why,” he added.

When Mueller avoided the question, Jordan went on saying, “A lot of things you can’t get into.”

“What’s interesting, you can charge 13 Russians no one’s ever heard of, no one’s ever seen, no one’s ever going to hear of them, no one’s ever going to see them, you can charge them, you can charge all kinds of people who are around the president with false statements, but the guy who launches everything, the guy who puts this whole story in motion, you can’t charge him.”

“Maybe a better course of action is to figure out how the false accusations started, maybe it’s to go back and actually figure out why Joseph Mifsud was lying to the FBI,” Jordan said.

After Mueller’s testimony Jordan told the reporters that Republicans had a good day. “It’s a disgrace what happened, but I think today proved a lot to everybody. In fact, I think some of my biggest opponents wrote things today that I wouldn’t have believed they would have written and I appreciate that they did that,” he said.


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