Rep. Devin Nunes requests Adam Schiff testify in Trump impeachment case


US Republican Representative Devin Nunes, top member of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed that the Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, Democrat, should testify before Congress as a part of impeachment case into the US President Donald Trump, the Hill reported.

Nunes issued an official letter to Schiff in which he labeled the ongoing impeachment investigation a “show trial.” According to the letter, obtained by American news media, Nunes wrote that his Committee shall not be conducting secret hearings “based on the precedent and lack of jurisdiction.”

“By now the American people know your desire to see the duly-elected president removed from office outweighs your sense of responsibility to running a functioning intelligence oversight committee,” Nunes wrote.

Democrats announced this week they would start conducting public hearings to let American citizens see a better picture and get more information on the case.

“Prior to the start of your public show trial next week, at least one additional closed-door deposition must take place. Specifically, I request that you sit for a closed-door deposition before the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight Committees,” Nunes said.

“Although you publicly claim nothing inappropriate was discussed, the three committees deserve to hear directly from you the substance and circumstances surrounding any discussions conducted with the whistleblower, and any instructions you issued regarding those discussions,” he wrote.

“Given that you have reneged on your public commitment to let the committees interview the whistleblower directly, you are the only individual who can provide clarity as to these conversations.”

Based on the Nunes’ request it can be said that Republicans are trying to defend President Trump focusing on actions of Dems and the way they conduct their investigation into the POTUS.

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