Recently it became known for spending more than $ 500,000 by the CEO of NRA.


Recently it became known about spending more than $ 500,000 by the CEO of NRA. This information became public due to leaked documents.

These documents contain information that CEO of the National Rifle Association has wasted more than 542,000 dollars. The bill includes $39,000 for shopping at a clothing store in one day, $18,300 for a car and driver in Europe $13,800 in rent payments for an intern.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a source familiar with the original documents confirms the authenticity of anonymously-posted reports.

It is also reported that in a month, the cost of “air transport” amounted to about $ 200,000, which was spent on LaPiere’s visit to the Bahamas at Christmas.

The documents included Ackerman McQueen’s letters, which was wrote to LaPierre.

“We need to address your wardrobe you required us to provide, specifically purchases at the Zegna store in Beverly Hills, CA,” another letter said about list of expenses from 2004 to 2017 worth $274,695.03”.

Carolyn Meadows, NRA President, told reporters that the “entire board is fully aware of these issues. We have full confidence in Wayne LaPierre.” She added that this is only an attempt to promote competitor programs.

Not so long ago, then-President Oliver North left the group after reports from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, due to problems with LaPierre. The newspapers published LaPiere’s letter to Council NRA, in which he accuses North of extorting him on charges of financial irregularities.

Last month, New York’s attorney general launched an investigation into the NRA’s tax-exempt status. Moreover, Senate Democrats have sent letters to North, LaPierre and Revan McQueen, Ackerman McQueen CEO, requesting all documents related to “financial impropriety”.

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