Reasons of death penalty adoption


US Attorney General William Barr made an announcement about the adoption of death penalty that had stayed away for 16 years.

In Barr’s words, the Congress has taken the laws on restoration of death penalty on the federal level and the Administration issued a writ to behead five men.

In accord with the US Constitution, the government has rights for the autonomy of the judiciary and such issue on death penalty, as well. Nowadays, 29 state use this law towards criminals, while 21 ones reject from it.

For this year, about 62 of offenders including Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who bombed at the Boston Marathon in 2013, are serving their sentences. The 75% of people who stood for death penalty has dropped up to 60% in 90s, according to the University of Chicago.

Trump’s willing to return this law, first and furthermost, is connected to the coming election in 2020. According to a national research, about 80% of Republicans support death penalty in contrast to 50% Democrats. In such case, Trump could show “moral courage” for families who are injured unfair.  Secondly, Trump could gain popularity in front of other conservative Republicans. Thirdly, the white Supremacy proponents could highly appreciate as it is the main group of support. And the last one, it could hit Biden as he could not take a definitely position towards keeping or cancelling death penalty at his campaign.

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