Rachel Maddow: This is the 60-day fight we are in since Mueller wrapped up


It has been 60 days since the release of redacted version of the US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his 22-months’ investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 presidential election. “This is the new universe that we live in now that is a sixty-day old universe,” said the host of “The Rachel Maddow Show”, – reports rawstory.com

“Ever since Mueller had his investigation ended and had his report submitted sixty days ago, that was the start of this new conflict zone we’re in where Mueller can’t be heard from, where Mueller’s full report can’t be released,” explained Maddow. “Where the evidence Mueller used to put his report together can’t be released, where the full intelligence behind Mueller’s investigation can’t be released, where Mueller witnesses are not allowed to testify, where documents related to Mueller’s investigation can’t be handed over, where all those things are blocked.”

Maddow didn’t fail to note that Muller hadn’t looked at Trump’s finances. “For whatever reason, he does not appear to have followed the money as part of his investigation,” she explained. “That has led congressional committees to prioritize that avenue of inquiry as they try to flush out and follow up Mueller’s investigation themselves.”

“Now, the president’s absolutely palpable desperation to prevent his financial history and his tax history to be reviewed by anyone, I think that provides a lot of the frenetic energy bordering on panic on the White House side of these confrontations, right?”

“I think that’s in part the president seems concerned above all else that his financial history, his tax history might make it into circulation or it might be looked at by investigators or prosecutors. I think that’s part of what drives the sort of frenetic energy and panic on the White House side of this, is the president’s priority on making sure that information is not exposed,” Maddow stated.
In conclusion Maddow noted that the White House seems to be in “panic and desperation” as it is “losing the fights right now over the president’s finances and taxes.”

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