Putin, Zelensky in ‘working and rather effective contact,’ Kremlin spokesman says

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman of Kremlin, said that President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky have “established a working and rather effective contact.”

In an interview with a Russian TV channel, Peskov stated that the two leaders have been in contact and “as recent events show” it is effective.

“This is a working and meticulous process,” Peskov said, noting that communication between Putin and Zelensky is essential and is not something sensational.

Kremlin spokesman also said that there were discussions about a bilateral meeting of the two presidents as both of them visited Jerusalem earlier this week, yet “it is impossible to arrange a separate meeting” when the schedule of the events is too tight.

Kremlin previously reported that a number of different world leaders including Zelensky requested meetings with Putin in Jerusalem on the sidelines of the World Holocaust Forum, however there were no time for lengthy meetings.

VESNA NEWS — official website