Putin, Macron, Merkel teach Zelensky a “tough lesson”


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who requested an emergency meeting of Normandy Four (France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine) after death of four Ukrainian soldiers in Donbass, has been taught a “tough lesson,” reported Glavred.

According to the article, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French and German counterparts Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel did not respond to Zelensky’s request, making it clear that “emergency sessions” of the Normandy Format cannot be held each time someone violates the ceasefire in Donbass.

German Chancellor Merkel said: “Does Zelensky have any new concrete proposals on how to regulate the conflict in the Donbass, which should be discussed immediately? No, he does not. And if he does, let’s discuss them through our diplomatic channels first.”

The article says that President Zelensky is a populist and is guided by emotions, while other political leaders evaluate foreign political situation first. “Populists believe that their persuasive talent is greater and more effective than that of all diplomats combined. Zelensky is precisely such a populist,” the article reads. It also suggests that Putin, Merkel and Macron did the right thing when they declined the request.

“A tough lesson for our president,” it says.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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