Professor at the American University Alan Lichtman believed that Trump would be impeached


Two years ago, a professor at the American University Alan Lichtman believed that Trump would be impeached, – reference to the original

This conclusion he made on the “deep study” of the career and character of Donald Trump and his career for about 40 years. In his opinion, the president was concerned only with his own authority and his own power, and not with the public good, that he had a history of lies, that he was a man who absolutely did not respect the law and would crush the law if he believed that he served personal political advantage.

Back in 2017, he wrote a book, The Case of Impeachment, where he said that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats would tolerate a compromised or cunning president, and that the impeachment process would be quick.

According to Liсhtman, this is the time for courage. Now 45% of Americans are calling for impeachment. This is even higher than the percentage who wanted to impeach Richard Nixon when they began the process of impeachment against him.

He noted his disappointment with the democrats. “They make the same mistake that the Democrats always make, they are too timid and try not to lose. And this is a sure remedy for loss and a sure recipe for not fulfilling one’s constitutional duty. The only way to bring this president to justice is an impeachment that strikes at his power and brand. ”

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