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Alexei Navalny, “a colour opponent”, was said last week to go on vacation to the U.S, Vladimir Solovyov reported.

Such an interesting coincidence, a few days after the election to the Moscow State Duma when the quest for the truth and prosecution of illegal participants of unsanctioned rally started, Alexei Anatolyevich and his family decided to wash their hands.

Where is the leader of the protest movement now who cannot stand injustice? The answer can be found on the People’s Avenger page on Facebook. While the rally participants are receiving real prison sentences, Navalny is having breakfast in Silicon Valley.

“When the soul calls for dinner, and you have to have breakfast. 11 hours difference from Moscow. Three hours after breakfast, I want to sleep so much. By the way, in Silicon Valley, there is so incredible number of Russians. One family has just come up to us – we’ve discussed the “Smart Voting” with them, who was worth appointing to which district, and where they made a mistake. As if I had not left for Moscow,” Alexey comments on his adventures.

Despite Navalny’s obvious disregard for his followers, they continue to lash out at anyone who somehow dares to accuse the “opponent” of hypocrisy.

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