President Trump returned to Washington on Tuesday after another disastrous foreign trip


This time he managed to be embarrassed, saying that the missile tests of the Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN Did not “bother”him. This came at a time when he was standing next to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who clearly disagreed, seeing that his country would be one of North Korea’s most likely targets. Trump then launched several young insults at Joe Biden, saying he and Kim agreed that Biden was “a man with a low IQ,” and on Twitter that Japanese dignitaries said Biden would be a disaster for the United States. In other words, our President behaved like a small child, as usual.

Demi wants a second shot at Bob Mueller, very unhappy with the report of no collision. They can’t be allowed to play this game anymore – no second chances – they have to get back to work. So bad for our country!

No matter where trump is and what he should do, his concerns about the scandal in Russia and the growing calls for impeachment always take precedence.

There was a lot of talk over the holiday weekend about whether special counsel Robert Mueller would testify at a public hearing in Congress. Apparently, Mueller only wants to read the statement and then hold the hearing behind closed doors to avoid “spectacle.”””It was also announced that the House committees on intelligence and financial services reached an agreement with trump’s lawyers to postpone the execution of the decision that Deutsche Bank should transfer the records to Trump before considering his appeal. (Legal observers say it made sense because it would speed up the appeal.) And Yes, the democratic leadership is still fighting for impeachment, insisting that instead they should focus on passing bills that the Senate refuses to pass, and that trump would rather spit his nails than sign because that’s what voters allegedly demanded when they gave them a majority.

The debate continues to rage on television and social media between Democrats convinced that impeachment will result in the loss of both the presidential and its majority in 2020, and those who believe that there is no choice and risk is what they should accept. Interestingly, both sides believe that trump deserves impeachment. Simply one of the parties considers that it would be politically inconvenient to do it.

But of all the reasons stated for deterrence – and this General abstinence – the most absurd is the one that believes trump really wants to get impeached. The reason for this is that, in his opinion, an acquittal handed down to the Senate on the party line would give him the necessary ammunition (once again) to be fully acquitted, and the Democrats would just get it. This does not confirm the fact that trump is already talking about it, based on the very high election of attorney General bill Barr.

Trump was afraid to repeat-but more-the February testimony of former lawyer and clamp Michael Cohen, who dominated the news and even eclipsed the nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in Vietnam. Trump has long known the power of television images and feared that Americans would be fascinated by the vision and hearing of Mueller, who has not spoken publicly since being called a special counsel.

Trump understands the drama of the court and what it could mean for him, even if he’s acquitted. He was once a good friend of O. J. Simpson. They were on friendly terms in new York, and Simpson even attended trump’s wedding with Marla maples, just months before the murder of Nicole Simpson, O. J.’s wives.

Trump denied in subsequent years, saying that he considers Simpson guilty. But in 2008, he offered to introduce Simpson to the apprentice, believing it would be great for the ratings. (The NSTR said it wasn’t.)

Anyone who remembers 1995 will tell you that the test results were terrible. It was necessary to watch TV for several months. People disagreed about the outcome. O. J. had defenders, especially in the African-American community, which considered the system in court, as well as Simpson. But most of the country considered justification a mistake of justice. They watched the drama on TV for months and came to their own conclusions about Simpson’s guilt. And just because the jury found him innocent, it didn’t change the opinion of the people on O. J.

If it was only in the Newspapers, it wouldn’t have such a dramatic effect. Similarly, the very existence of the report, Mueller will serve as a record of (some) crimes trump to have a much smaller effect than an extended investigation into the impeachment with the participation of television hearings in Congress. No one knows this better than trump. Jay, a man acquitted by a biased juror who walks the world in which almost everyone knows he’s guilty.

So no, Donald trump doesn’t want to be responsible. He wants the country to believe that the Democrats are afraid of it too. And right now they’re giving him what he wants.

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