President Trump on anti-abortion bills: I am strongly pro-life, with three exceptions

Restrictive abortion bills have been passed throughout America, banning abortions if the fetal heartbeat is detected. The only exception that applies is when a mother’s life is at risk. The President of the United States Donald Trump have finally commented on the trend to pass “fetal heartbeat bills.”

“As most people know, and for those who would like to know, I am strongly Pro-Life, with the three exceptions — Rape, Incest and protecting the Life of the mother — the same position taken by Ronald Reagan,” wrote Trump on Twitter.

«We have come very far in the last two years with 105 wonderful new Federal Judges (many more to come), two great new Supreme Court Justices, the Mexico City Policy, and a whole new & positive attitude about the Right to Life,» he continued. «The Radical Left, with late term abortion (and worse), is imploding on this issue. We must stick together and Win for Life in 2020. If we are foolish and do not stay UNITED as one, all of our hard fought gains for Life can, and will, rapidly disappear!»

Earlier this month Alabama passed a near-total abortion ban bill which is expected to be soon challenged in court. According to media reports, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio and Kentucky have also passed “fetal heartbeat” bills that outlaw abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy, when most women do not even know they are pregnant.
Democrats say that it is a basic constitutional right of a woman to choose whether or not to get an abortion and this right cannot be taken away. However, President Trump while speaking at a rally in Florida said, “Democrats are aggressively pushing late-term abortion, allowing for children to be ripped from their mother’s womb right up until the moment of birth.”

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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