Populist and liar: Bill Browder published new post

A scandalous known financier, William Browder, published another post on his Twitter account on Monday, January 20.

He congratulated the Russian pseudo-oppositionist Alexey Navalny, praised him for the achievements in the field of videoblogging and even found a moral in it.

Browder in his tweet noted the link between the activity of Alexey Navalny [the shootings of the populist videos about the corruption in Russia] and the dismissal of Russian officials.

If we look back, such a comment is not a phenomenon and there is nothing new. We know what a financier did in Russia and who funded his activity.

Now, when he was sentenced 9 years of imprisonment in Russia, a new activist appeared who fulfills the same tasks.

As a matter of his claim regarding Dmitry Medvedev and Yury Chaika, Browder, for some reason, forgets mentioning that both officials have been working for a long time since the videos published by Navalny, and, now, they have been promoted.

Dmitry Medvedev, by his personal order as the head of the state, took the position of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council. Yury Chaika got the invitation to become an authorized representative on the North Caucasus federal district.

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