Populism calls into question development of the West

Populist seem to be gaining more support in the United States and the European Union, despite the fact that just one decade ago even a thought of such a scenario was unacceptable.

The so-called «folk» politicians appealing to the interests of a wide range of voters, have formed a broad political front: from Donald Trump in the United States and Marine Le Pen in France to Victor Orbán in Hungary and Jaroslaw Kaczyński in Poland. Each one of them claimed they would bring revival to the nation and promised to build up a new fair public order.

Although such slogans may be appealing to the public, the negative impact of populism is to ignore existing social diversity, thus threatening such important principles as pluralism, inclusiveness, individual freedoms and rights.

Populism is used solely as a political strategy and technology based on the opposition between the «people» and the elite. It is important to note that a populist view of society as a homogeneous substance leads to discrimination against minorities, such as migrants, scientists, artists, etc. However, the «folks» believe that only they determine what the people and their true interests are.

Populism on the world stage has once again brought power politics back into international affairs and cast doubt on global democracy. In this sense, the pursuit of ratings and popular support calls into question the stable development of the Western world.

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