Peskov says Moscow not surprised with Trump’s remarks


Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, claimed that Moscow is not surprised about the US President Donald Trump’s comments on recent tests of Russian liquid-propellant rocket engine, reported Sputnik Tuesday.

Last Thursday Russia tested a new rocket engine, which many, including President Trump, alleged was a test of the new nuclear-power cruise missile.

Trump posted on his Twitter Monday saying that the US has “similar, though more advanced, technology.”

Peskov stated that “over the past year, US officials, including military officials, have made several statements about the US’s similar research programs.”

“It would be strange, of course, if a global power which spends more on defense than all other countries in the world did not engage in such projects.”

It has been reported that the US spent $649 billion on defense in 2018, which makes it the largest spender in the world.


Peskov did not fail to note that even if US is developing or has developed any new missile systems, Russia’s military equipment remains superior. Our country’s president has repeatedly said that Russian developments in this area are, for now, far ahead of the levels reached by other countries, and are quite unique,” he said. 

The test conducted in Arkhangelsk region left five employees of Rosatom dead and three more injured. Yet officials did not specify what system caused a deadly accident.


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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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