Pankin considers possible US sanctions as “shot in leg”


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Pankin considers possible US sanctions against the national debt of the Russian Federation as “a shot in the leg“.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said in the interview that possible US sanctions towards the Russian government debt will suffer Washington itself.

“It looks like a shot in the leg, as many foreign investors are interested in Russian debt, they take away the income. Americans seem not to be able to get off of this path, regardless of the fact whether it gives an effect or not,” he said

Speaking of possible retaliation, Pankin pointed out two possible ways – mirror countermeasures or an asymmetric response.

“These actions, for sure, will not remain without answer. But this is not the task to render blow for blow. The task is to adapt to these measures, to look for other partners, to look for bypass ways. Each such step makes life difficult for us, but it’s not fatal, with each such step we learn to work in some new fields,” Pankin said.

On July 11, the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved an amendment to the draft defense budget for the fiscal year 2020, which provides for the introduction of restrictive measures on Russian sovereign debt due to interference into the American electoral process attributed to Russia. The amendment was proposed by California Democrats Brad Sherman and Maxine Waters.

Sherman noted that the amendment implies real, serious sanctions against the Russian state and provides for disabilities of the US citizens to make new deals with Russian sovereign debt, it also includes a mechanism for raising these sanctions if the [US] administration concludes that Russia did not intervene into the American elections at least during one election cycle, and if Congress agrees with this conclusion.

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