Obama White House meeting with Ukrainian officials: coornination or collusion?


According to John Solomon, an opinion contributor to The Hill, Obama White House officials met with Ukrainian authorities to take down Trump.

“The agenda suggested the purpose was training and coordination. But Ukrainian participants said it didn’t take long — during the meetings and afterward — to realize the Americans’ objectives included two politically hot investigations: one that touched Vice President Joe Biden’s family and one that involved a lobbying firm linked closely to then-candidate Trump,” Solomon wrote.

Solomon spoke to Andrii Telizhenko, a political officer at the Ukraine’s embassy in Washington, D.C., and Nazar Kholodnytskyy, Ukraine’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, who were participants of the meeting, and they told him that US officials wanted to reopen the investigation into payments to US citizens, including Paul Manafort, from Ukraine’s Party of Regions. “It was definitely the case that led to the charges against Manafort and the leak to U.S. media during the 2016 election,” Telizhenko said.

Solomon has also found out that A Ukrainian court ruled the leak of information to be “an illegal attempt to influence the US election.” Further, “a member of Ukraine’s parliament has released a recording of a NABU official saying the agency released the ledger to help Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

All of it was started by the Obama White House, yet there is no investigation into Ukraine’s interference into the 2016 election or the collusion between Obama and Ukraine.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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