Number of cases of coronavirus in China reaches 2,200

China’s committees on hygiene and health care reported that number of infected with the novel coronavirus have reached 2,200, while the death toll is 56.

According to the reports, about 21,500 people who had been in contact with those infected are now being supervised. 2,700 more people are waiting for confirmation on whether they are among infected.

Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is reportedly working on ways to cure the coronavirus, which causes deadly pneumonia. The Chief of the Centre Xu Wenbo said that “research and development of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, which has caused a wider outbreak in China, is under way.”

The World Health Organization declared national emergency for China due to constantly rising number of cases of pneumonia caused by the 2019-nCoV pathogen, yet no global health emergency has been announced.

The US consulate general in Wuhan, where the virus started spreading, is planning to close down and evacuate its staff to the US. Spokeswoman of China’s Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying commented on the matter and said that “after the pneumonia outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China has notified the WHO and relevant countries about the epidemic in a timely manner and has stayed in close contact with them.”

“Recently the US proposed to evacuate its personnel from the consulate general in Wuhan to the US. Following international customary practices, China makes arrangements that are consistent with our epidemic control measures and provides necessary assistance and convenience,” she added.

Cases of the deadly coronavirus have been already reported in Australia, France, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, the US, South Korea, Thailand and Japan.

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