North Korea says US shall not deploy new missiles


North Korean state media issued a statement that US efforts to place intermediate-range missiles in Asia would lead to a “new Cold War,” reported Reuters Wednesday.

The next day after US withdrawal from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty with Russia, which happened on August 2, Mark Esper, US Defense Secretary, stated that the US was willing to place ground-launched intermediate-range missiles in South Korea. North Korean authorities did not welcome that move by the US and said that it would be “reckless act” which would spark arms race in the Far eastern region.

“The U.S. pointed out that it is now examining a plan for deploying ground-to-ground medium-range missiles in the Asian region and South Korea has been singled out as a place for the deployment. It is a reckless act of escalating regional tension, an act that may spark off a new Cold War and arms race in the Far Eastern region to deploy a new offensive weapon in South Korea,” the article by KCNA reads.

Yet South Korean authorities claimed that there were no negotiations on the issue and the idea is not to be considered.

In the past few weeks North Korea conducted several tests of missiles to warn the US and South Korea of its capabilities. However, US President Donald Trump stated last week that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was willing to restart talks on denuclearization as soon as the joint military exercises of the US and South Korea end.

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