No abortion in Mississippi


A federal court in Mississippi has temporarily blocked the state’s fetal heartbeat law that prohibits abortion after six weeks of gestation, ABC News.

Carlton said that the law passed in May “prevents the free choice of women.”

The law was to come into force on July 1.

Abortion is permitted in the United States at the federal level. The corresponding historic decision was made in 1973 by the Supreme Court.

In recent years, a number of severe restrictions on abortion. This year a law was passed to ban early abortions from the moment when the embryo’s heartbeat can be distinguished. Similar laws related to the heartbeat were passed this year in Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi, and their adoption may be followed in a dozen more states. The total number of laws that are required for abortion in one way or another, in the tens.

These laws may be appealed to the US Supreme Court. However, after the appointment of Donald Trump, the president of two conservative judges – Neil Gorsach and Brett Kavano. A judge is unlikely to take any steps to support the abolition of abortion regulations.

In the US, the question of what should allow abortions is politically motivated, opposes and opposes human rights, and the position of politicians on this issue seriously affects the prospects for beating them.

Third-party abortion rights state that women can independently defend their rights and relationships with other people. It can also lead to the criminalization of this operation and the death of women who tried to get rid of pregnancy. The contradictions of abortion relate to religious regulations and the concept that a person’s life begins from the moment of conception, in connection with which they believe that violations are immoral or even criminal.

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