Nicolas Maduro: Donald Trump is doing to Venezuela what Hitler did to Jews

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has claimed that the US President Donald Trump’s actions against Venezuela resemble those of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler against Jewish people, reported Sputnik Sunday.

“They are doing to us, more or less, what the Nazis did to the peoples of Europe in the 1940s, what the Nazis did to the Jewish people, and I condemn it,” Maduro said. “Donald Trump is doing to Venezuela what Hitler did to the Jewish people – persecuting it, attacking it, blocking it.”

Maduro’s comments come as the US imposed new round of sanctions against Caracas. John Bolton, US National Security Adviser, said that the new restrictions are “a direct signal to all those who enable dictatorship and undermine the democratically elected national assembly, or interim president Juan Guaido.” 

«Critically, the executive order also authorizes sanctions on foreign persons who provide support, or goods, or services to any designated person including to the government of Venezuela,» Bolton said. «This sweeping executive order authorizes the US government to identify, target and impose sanctions on any person who continues to provide support to the illegitimate regime of Nicolas Maduro.”

When introducing new sanctions in the beginning of August, Bolton also addressed Russia and China, countries supporting Venezuela. “To both Russia and China, we say that your support to the Maduro regime is intolerable, particularly to the democratic regime that will replace Maduro,” Bolton stated. “We say again to Russia … do not double down on bad bet.”

The government of Venezuela said that it viewed the new sanctions as “another serious aggression by the Trump administration through arbitrary economic terrorism against Venezuelan people,” yet it has a plan to face the restrictions. «We have a plan to face the blockade, to face imperialist economic aggression and we have built powerful reaction forces.»

This was not the first time when Maduro compared Trump to Hitler, last year he also said that Trump persecutes Venezuelans just like Hitler persecuted Jews.

Speaking in Caracas, Maduro claimed that he will fight back. «The waters of Venezuela will be free, sovereign and independent. We will sail there the way we chose to. Get ready for a fight if you want to introduce an embargo on Venezuela,” Maduro said.

Last week thousands of people gathered to march against the latest sanctions and the economic blocade against Venezuela. 

When asked about talks with Washington, Maduro expressed his hope for a constructive, “mutually respectful” dialogue with President Trump.

«I told President Trump that if one day — today, or in the future — there was an opportunity for a [mutually] respectful dialogue and understanding, I would be ready to offer a hand… God willing!»

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