News agencies to patent fake news

Calgary advertising agency Wax Partnership and the Florida Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists have written a cease-and-desist letter to US President Donald Trump, CNC reported.

The outlets are eager to patent a hyped term “fake news” which is often used by the President.

Wax agency published a counterfeit video on, entitling “Centaur surgery a success”, which shows that each “real” fake news is fabricated. Wax creative director Nick Asik claimed that it was made for the sake of good.

«We want to use our powers of being advertisers to do good as well and not just sell stuff,” he told radio program The Calgary Eyeopener. «It is not about whether the trademark gets approved or disapproved, at the heart of it is a media literacy campaign[ …] it is really about being critical of the news that you read.» allows revealing spurious news cited on reliable websites.

«It was something that was important to us…I think not being able to trust the news is a really dangerous thing,» he said, recalling a scandal over Facebook which misled people during the 2016 US election.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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