New White House Press Secretary scuffles with North Korean security


Stephanie Grisham, new White House Press Secretary, who replaced Sarah Sanders only last week, has already accompanied the US President Donald Trump and his team to the G20 Summit and North Korea and judging by her stay in North Korea, the job of the Press Secretary is not that easy. According to media reports, Grisham got injured during a meeting between the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump.   

President Trump and the North Korean leader met at the Demilitarized Zone Sunday. While trying to make her way through and help White House press members get closer and cover the historic moment, Grisham reportedly suffered bruises.

Trump has become the first US President to step into North Korea. After the meeting with Kim President Trump said that “this was a very legendary, very historic day.”

“It’ll be even more historic if something comes out of it,” he added.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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