New US anti-Russian sanctions on Skripal case enter into force on August 26

A new package of US anti-Russian sanctions on the Skripal case will enter into force on August 26, the State Department said. Americanist Alexander Domrin reminded of the sanctions to have been imposed in the lack of any evidence of Russia’s involvement in this «case.»

The State Department announced its intention to impose additional sanctions against Russia in early August.

Washington was earlier reported to require international organizations not to provide loans to Moscow. US banks would be banned from participating in the initial placement of Russian sovereign debt denominated not in rubles and lending to the Russian government not in rubles, as well. Moreover, the U.S. will put additional restrictions on the export to Russia of a string of materials, goods and equipment.

Americanist, Professor, Faculty of Law in Higher School of Economics, Alexander Domrin reminded of the sanctions to have been imposed in the lack of any evidence of Russia’s intervenes in this «case.»

“Western sanctions against Russia have been operating for many years, and it didn’t begin with the “Skripal case”– a completely fictitious and not worth a rotten egg. In the history of Russia-UK relations, a whole chapter can be written on this subject under the heading “Highly Likely”. Even in Scotland Yard when the status of the investigation was commented, they were said not to be politicians – and they had no data on Russia’s involvement,» said Alexander Domrin.

He expressed his opinion about all packages of anti-Russian sanctions as political gestures the purpose of which is to demonstrate disapproval of the Russian course.

«US sanctions are nothing more than a gesture. For the U.S. itself, there is no benefit in it. Trade relations between Russia and the US are ten times less than trade relations between Russia and Europe … This is not the first sanction package against Russia and not the last, you need to take it calmly and keep on your course: the dog barks but the caravan goes on,» added Alexander Domrin.

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