New sanctions over Russia as to Skripal case



The second package of US sanctions against Moscow in the Skripal case showed Washington’s dismissive attitude to the presumption of innocence principle.

“By deciding to use Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act against our country, the U.S. once again showed the whole world a disregard for such fundamental principles of a rule-of-law state as the presumption of innocence and the necessity to bear the burden of proof charges. Not to mention the respect for the elementary norms of civilized discourse,” the document says.

Diplomats reminded Moscow of absence of evidence of complicity in Salisbury. Moreover, the UK still refuses to cooperate with Russia in investigating the case.

Instead, Washington decided to assign the functions of a super-police and supreme arbiter, who was given the right to appoint perpetrators and apply reprisals to them. The goal of this policy is seen with the naked eye – to punish those who refuse to submit to the diktat of Washington and defend their own national interests,” the diplomatic mission said.

The document states that Russia “will not repent and take the non-existent blame for the so-called Skripal case.”

Moreover, Russia had completely eliminated its reserves of chemical warfare agents the year before, which was officially confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). “The Americans did not fulfill their obligations to destroy it and constantly shift the completion of this process. So it would be logical if the US applied its legislation to itself,” Russian diplomats claimed.

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