New name in Russia Hoax


US Senate Intelligence Committee’s released report on Russian interference into the 2016 US Presidential election mentions another Russian, whose name has never been published before, reported Foreign Policy Wednesday.

According to the report, section called “Russian Efforts to Research US Voting Systems, Processes and Other Elements of Voting Infrastructure,” which is heavily redacted, reads: “It is unknown if Tarantsov attended the events.” However, it does not say who the individual is.

The records say that there was Dmitry Vladimirovich Tarantsov, Air Force attache working at the Russian Embassy at the time of the US election, yet both the Senate Intelligence Committee spokesperson have not commented on whether the person mentioned in the report was the former defense attache.

The report by Senate Intelligence Committee found that Russia allegedly interfered with the US election and, moreover, it is stated that Russia targeted electoral systems of all 50 states, however, did not change the votes.


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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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