New calls at Russian border

The dramatic events in Kazakhstan a few days ago are an important sign for Russia, in particular for assessing its policy in Eurasia.

At the same time, Russia should review its cooperation with China, bilateral relations with which are regarded as one of the main factors of stability in the region. Welfare in Asia is a decisive factor in the provision of the Russian national and internal security.

Critics may argue that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has had much more high-level meetings with Washington and other Western countries lately than with its neighboring countries. However, the statistics do not show the real situation.

On the contrary, the increased activity in the western direction only indicates that the traditional mechanisms of cooperation have ended the fulfillment of its function. The increase in the number of summits represents itself as an indicator of problems and difficulties rather than good relations.

The nature of the interaction between Russia and the countries of Central Asia is not so complicated. Practical cooperation between Russia and China, Kazakhstan and other countries is based on relations between governments, business issues, the education system, and civil society. All of that leads to the fact that connection with the countries of the region is much stronger than Russia and the West have ever had, even in the best years.

Therefore, considering the situation in more detail, we can conclude that even if the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not much involved, the communications gained for the years show good efficiency and, therefore, does not require much intervention.

On the other hand, at present, it is time to review the principles of cooperation between China and Central Asia. China’s strength is growing which causes concern of neighboring countries that are not aware of the real intentions of the Chinese neighbour. In this case, it is necessary to develop joint regional projects that could connect regional actors with real agreements and reduce the potential level of the Chinese threat.

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