New Book reveals facts of Kavanaugh’s nomination


Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh  turned out to be a man who was recommended the US President to put forward during the 2016 campaign.

It is one of the facts that a book by Federalist editor and Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway and Judicial Crisis Network chief counsel Carrie Severino reveals.

While Kennedy called his other clerks good or excellent, he tended to describe Kavanaugh as brilliant,” the book says.

Kavanaugh who had worked a clerk at Kenedy’s campaign was appointed to replace Kennedy despite the fact he had bee bypassed before.

According to the book, Kavanaugh was not at the top of the Trump’s list of the possible candidates to the the Supreme Court,  as he “was not what the anti-establishment Trump was looking for.”

The power of Kavanaugh lies in the fact of his long-devoted list as a judge and his broad support.

“Kavanaugh had a broad network of friends and allies – from federal judges to conservative media stars to his family dry cleaner – who could vouch for his ability and character and thought he should not just be on the list but at the top.

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