Natalia Veselnitskaya: Sanctions are only reflex to absence of legal grounds for actually bringing people to justice


Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was excluded from the sanctions list by a decision of the European Court.

“The Court of Justice of the European Union has annulled the freeze of funds of seven members of the former Ukrainian ruling class, including Viktor Yanukovych,” the press release said.

Apart from the close relatives of the ex-president, the procedure also affected other members of the Ukraine’s political establishment, former Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko, former Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov, former General Prosecutor Viktor Pshonka and his son Artyom Pshonka, former head of the Presidential Administration Andrei Klyuev, as well.

On Monday, the Council of the European Union extended the restriction against the former Ukrainian head and a dozen others again. According to journalists’ report, a number of individuals included into the sanction list filed an appeal, and the court has withdrawn the imposed restrictions.

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya commented on the situation with the of the EU “sanction games” and said that sanctions are only a part of political pressure.

“It that again proves that the basis of sanctions is a policy, which is only a reflex to the absence of legal grounds for actually bringing people to justice. Not in vain, they say that politics is the art of pretense. Do not be afraid to defend yourself. No one apart from you will help you.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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