Natalia Veselnitskaya: “Grand Deception” is a courageous act in this world of profound slander

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Alex Krainer, a hedge fund manager and an author of the twice banned books “The Killing of the Browder” and “Grand deception,” says he wrote his pieces to “unmask” William Browder, author and lobbyist of the Magnitsky Act, and his narrative.

“Grand Deception,” a book released in 2018, have been widely discussed ever since. Krainer tells the truth about Browder and his fraud scheme implemented in Russia and says he wants to contribute to construction of bridges between the US and Russia and restore bilateral relations damaged by the Magnitsky Act.

Browder claimed that Sergei Magnitsky, his lawyer, was detained and tortured to death for allegedly uncovering a massive fraud by Russian officials. However, his narrative has been questioned for many inconsistencies. To be more precise, Browder was the one who stole money from Russian budget by committing a large-scale tax fraud and then accused Russian government officials.

Experts say that “Grand Deception” is a must read for everyone. “Krainer offers us the truth and truly shows us how deep the rabbit hole goes. … Get the book, read it, and then give it to your friends. This is one of the most important books to have come out in the recent years (and an excellent read too!).” —The Saker.

“Krainer’s book is an indispensable contribution to understanding the connection between the looting of Russia during the disastrous ‘shock therapy’ of the Yeltsin years, and the dangerous anti-Russian provocations of today. His insight into the duplicitous role of Bill Browder provides compelling evidence of how unscrupulous greed can lead to much larger crimes.” —Harley Schlanger, Schiller Institute.

Andrey Nekrasov, author of the documentary film about Browder said that the “Grand Deception” will be very influential and pivotal in the process of exposing one of the century’s biggest hoaxes.”

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya also commented on the book. “[Grand Deception] is a courageous act in this world of profound slander. Like a ray of light, it breaks through the thick layers of lies that have for years been accumulated by people driven by fear to stand trial for their actions. … a breath of fresh air that everyone in the West needs. Otherwise there will be trouble.” she said.

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