Mueller speaks out


Robert Mueller tried to answer questions at a press conference on Wednesday. Mueller stressed that his report and indictments speak for themselves.

Statement Muller about the obstacles: “If we believe, we say it”, we would say it. “

This is a question about Mueller’s key point.

Trump, the galactic unsure of his electoral legitimacy, has repeatedly denied any doubts. According to Mick Mulvaney, the head of the White house, he said. Trump’s comment at Mueller’s press conference was “the case is closed.”

It’s a statement: “If we’re sure, we’re not that serious.”

He said it was a “coordinated attack on the political system.” He said he was in the election. And this statement deserves the attention of every American. »

This is great. Russian intervention, as stressed by Mueller.

Mueller told the Americans: Do not lose sight of the 2016 Pearl Harbor electoral, which Russia tried to inflict on the United States and all that we know, achieved success – and thus changed American history. Russian intervention, as Mueller emphasized, “was designed and timed to interfere in our elections and harm the presidential candidate.”

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