Mueller missed financial transactions

Muller’s investigation

Deutsche Bank has hired dedicated staff to investigate suspicious transactions of the now defunct Trump Fund. For example, some of them have triggered alerts in a computer system designed to detect illegal activities. As a result, reports were prepared. However, the Bank ignored the recommendation to send them to the Treasury Department, which monitors financial crimes. According to trump biographer David Kay Johnston, it looks like this could now trigger another investigation.

“We know for a fact that Donald Trump has been involved in money laundering in the past, finished for it,” Johnston said. However, trump Organization said they had never heard of it. Obviously, because this information was locked up in the bank.

This is all the more strange since special counsel Robert Mueller was unaware of whether Trump was engaged in financial transactions or whether he maintained business relationships that could influence his views on Russia. Perhaps this information was carefully hidden by employees of the private banking division of Deutsche Bank in new York. This can be a serious problem for trump – said the New York Times.

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