Mueller is silent, but Barr has nothing to do with it

Muller’s investigation

Barre asks a question – why Mueller still did not make the certificate as he wanted. He already tried to abstract from all this, having remembered direct public prosecutor’s duties. So, he went to El Salvador. The trip was connected with expansion of the international cooperation against violent street gang of MS-13 which actions extend not only to Central America, but also the USA:

“I try to come off Washington and to perform the real work of the Attorney General”, – he told.

Actually he made that he could. He transferred the legal conclusions according to Mueller’s report. The report was transferred for the public with the minimum changes. Even less edited version was provided to Congressmen. He gave evidences about the decisions in Senate Committee, and said that not against indications in the Congress of the special lawyer. Does it have a theoretical opportunity not to allow them? It is unlikely. Mueller is not his subordinate.

“Mr. Barr said only that he is aware of continuing negotiations between the special counsel’s office and the House Judiciary Committee over Mr. Mueller’s appearance,” Wall Street Journal reported.

And if Mueller still did not make indications, then, perhaps, he is simply not interested in it. It is possible that he considers that he does not want anything to add diminish from the report. Mueller’s silence doesn’t depend on William Barr

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