Mueller is perfectly capable of withstanding interrogation

Bill Weld, the former chief of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller (Mueller was Weld’s Deputy in the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston) claims that Mueller is quite ready to testify in public, — reports

Bill Weld was appointed us attorney and assistant attorney General by then President Ronald Reagan. Bob Mueller’s report says that we decided not to pass the traditional conviction because we couldn’t actually do it. Translation, bill Barr told me he was going to crush any accusation I tried against the President for obstruction,” Weld continued.

«It’s a dirty story,» he added.

As you know, the reluctance of special counsel Robert Mueller to testify on television before Congress is due to his reluctance to broadcast the «dirty story» of attorney General William Barr. «Bob Muller is fully prepared to testify publicly,“ weld added. — He was head of the FBI for twelve years. He was questioned by Congress-both parties-many, many times.”

Bob Mueller doesn’t want to talk about it on TV. I think that’s what’s happening here,” he concluded. “He’s such a gentleman.”

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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