MSNBC’s host: Trump wants to be impeached so badly

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Joe Scarborough, former Congressman from Florida and the co-host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ suggested that the US President Donald Trump wants to be impeached.

“He wants to be impeached so badly,” said Scarborough. He has also claimed that Trump is obsessed with the “I-word” as he believes that impeachment would raise his popularity. John Heilemann, MSNBC’s analyst, agreed to that statement.

“The ‘I-word’ — what’s that about?” questioned Heilemann. “Is he trying to impeachment into a profanity? Or is it just the word ‘impeachment’ is in his head to a degree that he just can’t bring himself to say it.”

Scarborough’s co-host Mika Brzezinski also believes that Trump actually wants to be impeached and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clearly knows that.

“He wants to be impeached so badly,” said Scarborough, “so the Senate can then decide that he’s not going to be convicted, can acquit him, and he saw what happened with Bill Clinton whose presidency he looks at and studies an awful lot and he saw that Bill Clinton went up to 60 percent after he was impeached.”

“He’s got no record to run on, other than making his billionaire friends at Mar-A-Lago, other friends who hang out at Mar-A-Lago, like Jeffrey Epstein — he made those people a lot of money,” said Scarborouh. “Other than that, he doesn’t have much to show for it for Democrats and independents.”

“He wants to be victimized, he loves to be victimized,” he added. “As Nancy Pelosi said yesterday, ‘Oh, poor baby.’”

“This is a president who’s desperate to be impeached,” agreed Brzezinski. “He’s desperate to turn the attention on him in the most chaotic way.”

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