MSNBC hosts say Barr, Russia responsible for Epstein death


Western Media have offered various theories trying to investigate the death of the US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide on Friday night.

According to a report by FreeBeacon, hosts of the MSNBC, American television network, even tied Epstein’s death to Russia and Trump administration.

Law enforcement officials confirmed Saturday that Epstein committed suicide, yet lawmakers demanded that the FBI open investigation into the case. Two weeks ago, when Epstein tried to hurt himself, he was put on suicide watch, yet on Friday night, when the incident happened, he was not on watch. Media reports say that he had been “extorted by other inmates.” The FBI is currently investigating.

Many have turned to conspiracy theories, including top politicians, reporters and many other Twitter users.

Joy Reid, host of the AM Joy, said that the US Attorney General William Barr may be the one responsible for Epstein’s death.

“This is somebody who not only is high-profile, who not only knew a lot of high-profile people, whose papers just came out of court just to let out of some of the documents related to his cases that name high-profile people, who is friends with the current president of the United States, who flew a previous president of the United States around on his plane,” Reid said. “This is on the same level of a Bill Cosby. This is a famous person who’s now in prison. He knows a lot about a lot of people…His only out at this point would to talk about those people. So, he’s in this very vulnerable situation.”

“This Department of Justice does not exactly inspire confidence. Let’s just be blunt. William Barr’s Justice Department is not one you can readily simply rely upon and feel confident in. What do we make of all of this now that in this federal facility this person was allowed to be alone long enough to either harm himself or be killed by some—we don’t know what happened. We just don’t know.”

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough suggested that Russian may be responsible for Epstein’s death. He tweeted that Epstein had known lots of information about “powerful men” and retweeted Brian Koppelman’s post, which stated: “Hey, folks, we’re Russia now.”

Brad Edwards, the lawyer for Epstein’s victims said that “the fact that Jeffery Epstein was able to commit the selfish act of taking his own life as his world of abuse, exploitation, and corruption unraveled is both unfortunate and predictable.”

“The victims deserved to see Epstein held accountable, and he owed it to everyone he hurt to accept responsibility for all of the pain he caused.”

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