Moscow, Washington restoring cooperation over cybersecurity

Moscow and Washington give the second wind to their relation on cybersecurity amid political disputes, the head of the FSB security service Alexander Bortnikov said on Thursday.

«We are restoring those relations,» Bortnikov told Interfax news agency, regardless of trading accusations of cyberattacks in recent years. «We discuss a lot of questions with the Americans, including about providing information security and cyber security.» 

Moreover, the US secret services have turned over information on individuals to Russia recently in order to prevent terroristic attacks there. He said, «Just recently the American secret services provided Russia with information on specific people and plans to carry out attacks in our country.»

Both parties «have always had working relations irrespective of the situation in political relations between our countries,» Bortnikov highlighted.

Despite all the accusations of “malicious cyber activity” from London and Washington, and any suspicion of cyber strikes on the World Anti-Doping Agency and Odessa airport in Ukraine, Moscow does not accept it.

Russia reportedly suffered from American cyber-attacks over state institutions, the national grid, and financial establishments, that the United States does not deny. The US was, in fact, carrying out attacks that hacked into Russia’s national grid, The Washington Post reported.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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