Moscow tells US to mind own sanctions “instead of mentor rhetoric about Russian measures”


While tensions rise between Russia and Georgia, one of the US government officials claimed that the measures taken by Russia are “unfair.” Russia temporary suspended direct flights to Georgia and back due to anti-Russian protests being held there.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry commented on the matter by posting on its official Facebook page, Russian News Agency TASS reported.

“US Charge d’Affaires in Georgia Elizabeth Rood said the other day that the measures that Russia had taken against Georgia in the sphere of flights and tourism were ‘unfair, unnecessary and disproportionate’. In this connection, we would like to remind Ms. Rood of what such ‘unfair, unnecessary and disproportionate’ measures are like. A wide range of countries carrying out their independent foreign policies have fallen victim to this policy of the United States (this state has already been brandishing ‘a restrictions baton’ for decades).”

According to the Foreign Ministry, US has been continuously imposing new sanctions against Russia since 1974. “Instead of mentor rhetoric about the Russian measures, which protect the lives and health of Russian citizens abroad, we would like to hear from Ms. Rood about ‘the fair, necessary and proportionate’ US restrictive measures that have been imposed over decades to exert pressure on our country’s foreign policy.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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