Military expert on Bolton’s statement: it is the thief who shouts ‘get the thief!’ the loudest of all


US President Donald Trump’s security adviser John Bolton claimed Wednesday that Russia’s weapon technologies have been stolen from the US, yet experts say Bolton is wrong, reported Russian News Agency TASS.

Viktor Murakhovsky, military expert, said that “domestic hypersonic technologies rely on the gigantic scientific and technical potential created in the USSR. Publicly, these developments were mentioned by the Russian president only recently but they were started back in the 1970s. This work was carried out both for military purposes and for outer space exploration.”

Murakhovsky said that it is a “big question” whether Russia stole the technology from the US or otherwise. “As for who stole from whom is a big question,” he stated.

“As a rule, it is the thief who shouts ‘get the thief!’ the loudest of all. Although, I believe that parallel development took place: the USSR and the US were at about an equal scientific and technological level and were focused on dealing with symmetric tasks in outer space and in the military sphere and, therefore, they followed equal paths.”

In an interview with Voice of America Bolton said that “although Russia’s economy is roughly the size of the Netherlands, it’s still spending enough on defense to not only modernize their nuclear arsenal, but to build new kinds of delivery vehicles – hypersonic glide vehicles, hypersonic cruise missiles – largely stolen from American technology.”

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