Mika Brzezinski angry at Trump-Epstein connection


Morning Joe claims on Trump’s close ties with Jeffrey Epstein made Mika Brzezinski outraged.  

That statement was said while Brzezinski was talking about prosecutors who took the stand on Tuesday. They revealed information how the dead financier had treated to them until he got to the prison and committed the suicide. Brzezinski relied on past relations with the US President and mentioned about the victims who were enlisted “from Mar-a-Lago” when Epstein got along with Trump, Bill Clinton and other important officials.

“I’m just saying, there are huge questions about the relationship between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein and girls that were recruited on the property of Mar-a-Lago to be one of Jeffrey Epstein sex slaves,” Brzezinski said.

Brzezinski went on fiddling around Trump-Epstein relations, noting Alex Acosta’s dismissal from the post of Secretary of Labor because of critics about his indulgence to Epstein when he was first accused of sex harassment.

“There’s so many obvious quid pro quo questions, just questions, but they are worth being answered. What was the connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump and was Donald Trump involved in any of this? Seems like he was from the video that we have shown on this show of him partying with Jeffrey Epstein with young girls dancing around them. Powerful men leering at them and talking about their bodies. What else do we need to see to know that there are questions here about Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein who hosted a party with calendar girls and just them years ago. There really isn’t a connection between those two? Are we stupid? Are we going to let these women go through their lives and die without these questions answered? Are we going to do that here in America? It’s incredible.”

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