Maria Zakharova says Russia, China should exchange information on US interference


Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated Friday that Russia and China should share information on the US meddling in the domestic affairs of the two countries, reported

In a press briefing held on Friday, Maria Zakharova, Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, said that it is clearly known that the US has been interfering with Hong Kong internal affairs. Chinese government has previously accused the US of meddling. Earlier this week Russia also accused the US of meddling in its affairs. Zakharova stated that the information about actions of the US should be taken “with all seriousness” and noted that her Chinese counterpart are working on the issue.

“Moreover, I think it would be right and useful to exchange such information through respective services,” Zakharova said.

According to Zakharova, the US secret service uses technology in order to destabilize both China and Russia.

Tim Richardson, Chairman of the US Embassy Political Section, was summoned by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Friday for posting on the Embassy’s website maps of both authorized and unauthorized protests held in Moscow and other major cities of Russia. The ministry said that publication of protests’ routes was an act of “agitation towards participating” in them.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying claimed Friday that the US should stop intervening in Hong Kong and China’s domestic affairs.


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