Maria Butina to be set free from US prison


Head of the State Duma’s (lower house) Committee for Foreign Affairs Leonid Slutsky wrote on his Telegram that Russian national Maria Butina, who was sentenced to 1.5 imprisonments, is to come back to Russia soon. She will be set free on October, 25 and rush to the Motherland in three days after her release.

“On October 25, Butina’s detention term expires, and within the next three days, she is to fly to Russia. Maria has many plans, but of course she wants to spend the first days after return to the motherland with her family,” he wrote.   

Butina was allowed to make a video call last time behind the bars, Slutsky noted.

“Maria is actively preparing for the release and is optimistic about the future. We are also looking forward [to her return] and will continue to support her,” the lawmaker said.

Butina was detained in Washington on July 15, 2018, in the run-up of US and Russian Leader, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki. She was convicted of involvement in the theory of conspiracy with the United States in foreign countries’ meeting. American intelligence services insisted on her being a foreign agent sneaked into the Department of Justice.

However, Maria Butina denied all the allegations, assuring that the United States falsified the evidence.

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