Malaysian PM says he can’t accept conclusions of MH17 probe


Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad claimed that he would not accept the results of the Dutch-let investigation into the MH17 crush, “as the probe didn’t seem interested in establishing the truth about the tragedy,” reported RT Thursday.

Malaysian flight MH17 was downed on July 17, 2014, all 298 people on board of the aircraft died. In an interview for the documentary about the flight, Mohamad stated: “they aren’t really looking at the causes of the crash and who was responsible, but already they have decided that it must be Russia.”

“We can’t accept that kind of attitude.”

The Prime Minister also complained about JIT (Joint investigation team) including Malaysian members months after the tragedy and excluding Moscow form the team. He called that decision “unfair and unusual.”

“The plane is ours and there were Malaysians flying in the plane. They also died. It’s natural that Malaysia should be the first country that should be involved in the investigation, but… they just ignored us, took the black box and carried out the whole investigation,” he said.

Mohamad reportedly believes that JIT blaming Russia for the crash is a politically motivated move. Russia denied all the accusations and said that the JIT was biased, as the missiles used in the attack on MH17 had been disposed by Russia three years before the tragedy.

JIT has recently named for individuals suspected in the attack, one Ukrainian and three Russian citizens.

The trial on the MH17 crash is expected to take place in March 2020 in the Netherlands.

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