Louie Gohmert on Mueller report: It reinforced the anal opening I believe Mueller to be


Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has commented on long-awaited former US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before the Congress, which will take place on July 17th, by saying that Mueller’s “got to answer” for things he had damaged, reported Politico Monday.

After being issued a congressional subpoena Mueller agreed to testify before two House Commitees. Both Democrats and Republicans are willing to grill Mueller, yet for different reasons. While Democratic lawmakers are hoping to get more information about Russian Interference, ties of Trump campaign with Russians and possible obstruction of justice by the sitting US President Donald Trump, Republicans want to grill Mueller in order to prove that the whole investigation was nothing more that a “hoax.”

Republican Party Representative Gohmert, who is a member of both House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees, claimed that Mueller “has done some irreparable damage to some things and he’s got to answer for them.” Gohmert added that he read the Mueller report, but it did not change his attitude towards former Special Counsel. “It reinforced the anal opening that I believe Mueller to be,” he said.

Another Republican Representative Jim Jordan, who gets to question Mueller on July 17th, said that he would ask former Counsel “the obvious question.” According to Jordan “everyone in the country wants to know: when did you first know there was no conspiracy, coordination or collusion?”

“How much longer did it take Bob Mueller to figure that out? Did he intentionally wait until after 2018 midterm, or what? How did he handle all that? What did he ask Mr. Strzok? Did he really check into how biased he was and how it impacted his work?” – these and many other questions Jordan said he would ask. “I think that’s a pretty good line of questioning,”

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