Lindsey Graham insists that in the morning Joe is mistaken that he sells the soul to Trump


Lindsey Graham appears on CBS channel “60 Minutes”

Having appeared on a radio-show of the leader of Fox News Brian Kilmeyd, Graham said that he not especially is interested in criticism from Skarborough how it persistently protected the president within the last two years in spite of the fact that you called him “idiot” during the presidential elections in 2016.

” I want that the trump of the president was successful”, Graham told. “I made everything that I could help it when it made sense, I pushed away him when he was mistaken. It is pleasant to me!”

Graham also insisted that, according to him, the late senator John McCain (R-AZ) will approve him, having done everything possible to help Trump as it showed that it puts “the country before all the rest”.

“I am a senator from South Carolina, and people want that I helped this president”, he told. “The only thing what I am not going to worry about is to please Joe Skarborough”.

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