Leaders of US delegation will inform NATO about results of Geneva negotiations

 The leaders of the US delegation will inform NATO allies about the results of the negotiations on July 18.

US Assistant Secretary of State John Sullivan led the US delegation, which arrived in Geneva to take part in the US-Russian dialogue on strategic security. Deputy State Secretary John Sullivan was accompanied by Deputy State Department Chief for Arms Control and International Security Andrea Thompson. The delegation includes senior officials from the National Security Council, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Energy.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov heads the Russian delegation.

The current meeting considers the results of the discussions that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during the meeting on May, 14  in Sochi.

The State Department report highlights the US delegation notes about the necessity of a commitment to the full and verifiable compliance with existing treaties for effective arms control. The US delegation also pointed out concerns about Russia’s development and deployment of non-strategic nuclear weapons and the lack of transparency according to existing commitments.

John Sullivan and Andrea Thompson are reported to go to Brussels to inform the Allies at NATO’s Headquarters about the meeting on July, 18.

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