Lawyer Veselnitskaya answered President Trump to his question

On Thursday Donald Trump said, that he was surprised by the decision of the Senate Intelligence Committee to subpoena Trump Jr. to testify again.

Speaking at the White House, Trump also spoke in detail about Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer his son met in June 2016. At the time of the meeting Veselnitskaya worked with Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm that ordered the infamous “Steele Dossier”.

Trump noted that Veselnitskaya at the time worked with Fusion GPS and contacted her both before and after the meeting with the co-founder of Fusion Glenn Simpson.

“She then went back to GPS Fusion [sic], they were the ones who wrote the fake Dossier. Why did she go to GPS Fusion, why did she come back?” — said Trump on Thursday.

Simpson testified at the Congress in 2017 that he hadn’t been aware about the meeting with Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower until it became known in 2017. At that time, he worked with Veselnitskaya on an investigation aimed at exposing former American citizen William Browder, whose connections in Congress made it possible for him to get the Magnitsky Act passed at the end of 2012, and in 2013 – to get a complaint filed by the US Government against Veselnitskaya’s client.

Simpsons testimony to the Senate’s Judicial Committee on August 22, 2017 on his meetings with Veselnitskaya in June 2016:

Lawyer Veselnitskaya answered President Trump to his question


Natalia Veselnitskaya noted that these «I think« and «something like that» things brought to life a new paradigm: Veselnitskaya and Simpson had contacts before and after the meeting, and therefore worked together against Trump.


“I don’t remember having met Glenn Simpson in June 2016 in New York, not once. At least, even assuming he was in some place in New York that I was in too at that time, he and I couldn’t discuss the Trump Tower meeting (which he was not aware of) or his contacts with Steele, and his so-called Dossier (which I was not aware of).

The mysterious statements about «before» and «immediately after» that have taken over the media landscape remind me of an episode from «The fix», this new series, in which PR-technologists, spotting two prosecutors at the same time, at the same place, passed the fact off as a secret meeting. I saw him in June that year in Washington and that meeting only had to do with the case run by about 10 American lawyers I hired and consulted on behalf of my client for his defense in the United States” — says Veselnitskaya.


“Not only was I not aware of Glenn Simpson’s working for someone else, but I was also shocked to learn from the media that he had anything to do with the «Steele Dossier”. This, if one may so call it, document is the exact opposite of how Simpson works and what his reports look like with hundreds of pages of conclusions, analysis, and documents. Here we see lack of sources, we see lots of errors, different styles and design, inaccurate numbering, and dates, and complete lack of analysis as such. Steele’s “Intelligence reports” compiled for 160 thousand dollars over a period of a couple of months are just scattered pieces of paper with fantasies so pathological that if at least one-third of them were true, all the US intelligence services should have been sent fleeing, and Steele alone should have been hired instead of all of them.


Glenn Simpson worked as a contractor in our case, which the United States opened based on the words of a convicted fraudster – Browder, he collected information about him, his connections, his past and present, he helped our legal team in serving subpoenas on Browder, which the latter tried to avoid in every possible way. Today it is known that all those people from the former staff of the US State Department who helped Browder legalize his fake story about Magnitsky, were associated with Christopher Steele, or with the promotion of “the fruits of his righteous labor”. I never heard of Steele until I read his so-called Dossier. Glenn also never mentioned him when we were looking for sources of information about Browder in England or looking for English contractors in the field of information investigations. Today, looking back, I’m pretty sure Mr. Simpson specifically put in a frame with this «Steele Dossier”. Whoever did this had two goals: dispose of Simpson as a witness against Browder and the people who helped him in the United States, and demonize me in the eyes of the Republicans, as a person associated with the author of the document that essentially marked the start of the crusade of the Democrats against the sitting President of the United States. Those people got things done perfectly. This is confirmed by the words of President Trump.”


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