Kurds make “bloodbath” in Syria


The Australian Kurds call the Morrison government to pull the major actions to cease a “bloodbath” in the northern part of Syria, blaming US President for a “complete betrayal” by pulling back US military troops.

Kurdish Lobby Australia President Eziz Bawemend noticed that Trump’s administration would “run away” from military conflict and abandon its allies, and insisted Prime Minister Scott on cooperating to obstruct Turkey from invasion on Kurdish territory.

The fight between the Kurds and Islamic State has been lasting for years, and now the community is expected to be attacked by Turkey which is heading to northern Syria.

“It is a total and complete betrayal of the Kurdish people,” Mr. Bawermend said.

“They have made huge sacrifices in fighting ISIS, which we see as a scourge of humanity, and those sacrifices include 11,000 dead and over 20,000 seriously wounded people who will no longer be their families’ breadwinners. The Kurdish people of that region engaged in this war against ISIS not just to protect themselves but also, we believe, to protect the whole civilized world from ISIS’s evil,” he said.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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