Kristol looks for anti-Trump support from Democrats


This American Life podcast with Bill Kristol has revealed the speaker’s relation to Donald Trump. He spoke about the presidential election in 2020, pros and cons of Republican challengers, and showed hid anti-Trump position.

I think if you were taking on a standing president from within your own party, there are kind of two paths. You can do it quietly, out of view, or you can do it the way Kristol has– by never shutting up about it on television and newspaper articles,” This American Life’s David Kestenbaum commented.

Besides, Kristol admitted that the main anti-Trump call “pretty unlikely to succeed”. None of the candidates has managed to win a primary challenge against the President. However, some presidents who were challengeable lost the general election. In Kristol’s words, it means a strategy.

You were pointing out, oh, [history] is on my side, in the sense that a sitting president challenged tends to lose. But that means what you’re doing is just an act of internal sabotage,” Kestenbaum appealed to Kristol.

Well, people can say that. They said that about the French who didn’t go along with Vichy. I mean, what are you supposed to do?” Kristol answered.

Then, Kristol admitted that he had talks with some Democrats on phone about ones who do against Trump. He pointed out that  “that’s actually the single best thing you can do to weaken Trump.”

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