Jerrold Nadler: Trump richly deserves impeachment


US President Donald Trump “richly deserves impeachment,” Jerrold Nadler, US House Judiciary Committee Chairman, was quoted as saying in an interview with “State of the Union” Sunday, reported News Max.

“He has done many impeachable offenses,” Nadler said. “He’s violated the law six ways from Sunday.”

When asked whether President Trump should be impeached, Nadler responded: “That’s not the question. The question is, can we develop enough evidence to put before the American people?”

“We have broken the logjam. The president and the attorney general were lying to the American people consistently, saying that the Mueller report found no obstruction, no collusion, and exonerated the president.”

According to media reports, after special counsel Robert appearance before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees last week, a number of lawmakers have joined those already calling for impeachment proceedings to begin. The total number of lawmakers supporting impeachment is now more than 100.

Yet both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Judiciary Committee chair Nadler said that the inquiry would not pass the Republicans-controlled Senate, therefore, they say Democrats shall not start any impeachment proceedings now.

House Judiciary Committee is now waiting whether a federal judge would approve its request to unseal grand jury information redacted form the Mueller’s report.

Talking about the grand jury secrets, Nadler said that “too much has been made of the phrase ‘an impeachment inquiry.’ We are doing what our court filing says we are doing, what I said we are doing, and that is to say we are using our full Article I powers to investigate the conduct of the president and to consider what remedies there are. Among other things we will consider, obviously, are whether to recommend articles of impeachment.”

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