Jeremy Rupke calls out Eric Trump for a kid’s photo


The man of Ontario Jeremy Rupke calls out Eric Trump for using a picture of his little child Mason within a political attack on those ones who stand against Trump.

Rupke asserts that Eric expressed “disrespect” and lack of prudence when Trump’s son mentioned Rupke’s family in media.

Eric Trump contrasted his father’s opponents with peewee hockey players, putting a kid’s screenshot from a match in Barrie, Ont, after which it was immediately deleted.

But before the picture taken down, Jeremy Rupke convicted Trump’s son for using a picture for political aims.

Clearly that is somebody’s child,” Rupke said in a telephone interview. “Maybe he wanted to get more views on his tweet and added pictures so it stands out more, but he could find a stock picture from a distance so it’s not personally involving anybody … Clearly someone in his position could afford to go through the right channels to get content.

Rupke did not know what happened until his friend appeal to him for help in social network. Then, he was a bit confused and wrote a tweet in respond to, noting that the team in which Mason plays is not connected to peewee at the age of 11 and 12.


However, Eric Trump did not answer to Rupke’s tweet and the Ontario man does not need it.

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